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Battle Tested

Battle Tested Ventures is a crypto-asset investment and MiningOps firm in Santa Monica, California.

We nurture blockchain protocols as a network steward and active operator.


We align the goals of the core developers,  and community by actively participating in the DApps and protocols in our portfolio. 


BTV generates superior returns by selecting best-in-class protocols and being powerful early-adopters and community-organizers.


At Battle Tested Ventures, we bet on teams that have the maturity and skills to foster strong open-source communities and trust-minimizing institutions.

Battle Tested.

At Battle Tested Ventures, our fundamental belief is that blockchain protocols are upending the old-school web and enabling business models never before possible.

‌We back projects challenging $$$ Trillion-Dollar | "Big Tech" $$$ advertisers who dominate the world. BTV delivers edge by empowering open-source development teams and user-owners actively nurturing the marketplaces and social networks of the future.

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Portfolio Companies.

Tezos Bakery

Our Tezos Bakery helps token investors earn baking rewards (in tezzies) by delegating their baking rights to our secure cloud-based system designed to validate transactions on behalf of token-holders on the Tezos protocol.


Blockstack is a next-generation smart contract platform leveraging the security of Bitcoin and the flexibility of turing-complete smart contracts and truly Web 3.0 DApps. BTV will support the protocol at launch to generate Stacks (STX) returns for our limited partners.

Orchid Protocol

BTV will operate "hops" in the packet-chain for this decentralized VPN service to offer reliable, anonymous, uninterrupted internet access globally. The incentive layer in Orchid allows it to succeed where I2P and Tor failed.


FOAM is an experimental crypto-primitive on Ethereum. As a TCR incenting the curation of a decentralized Point-of-Interest map, like a Web 3.0 Google Maps, FOAM has the opportunity to become a critical service to the location-aware marketplaces of the future.


Grin and the MimbleWimble protocol may be the spiritual successor to Bitcoin. Scalable, anonymous, and with a fair token-distribution model (no pre-sales or founder rewards), BTV will nurture the network as a bet on the cryptocurrency use-case. Every other level 1 blockchain currency is already dead-on-arrival (Bitcoin is digital gold).


BTV will deliver Proof-of-Capacity mining on Filecoin and IPFS at launch, with storage and retrieval nodes at partner property-owner locations around the United States. Filecoin allows BTV to help offer an alternative to the massive, centrally controlled monopoly tech orgs of the modern internet.

And what about the truth. is ‌LIVE on YouTube

Battle Tested Ventures

How we work.

Traditional VC firms strive for short-term vanity metrics over sustainable business practices. 

‌At Battle Tested Ventures, we bet on teams with the maturity and skills to foster strong decentralized communities. We operate infrastructure critical to protocol security and support the community with hands-on infrastructure operation for portfolio networks. 

‌By partnering with developers at the community level, we improve the platforms in a way perfectly aligned with the goals of users, not ivory-tower institutions and credentialed VCs.

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