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Bijan Bina.

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Thriving in

Santa Monica, California


Project Video

The Convex Hull of Longevity.

The Convex Hull of Longevity Project is an investigation of:
‌1) the relationship between nature and longevity, 2) how we might leverage technology to indefinitely extend human lifespan, 3) why radical longevity is necessary and timely to pursue, 4) whether a community of amateurs can change science.

Rave Reviews.

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Bijan onto the REAL deep memes and I absolutely am 100% in support of it.


Our conversational labor is being exploited so that Bijan can build his empire as the modern equivalent of a philosopher-king, The Streamer.

Eric Weinstein
Grand Unified Theorist

"Aggressive Altruism"... I like that.

David Bina
Big Brother, Aura Merchant

I don't know if you know this, but you're a narcissist.


OMG! bro you are the best 😂


Where did you get this info from? Ms Cleo?


With lines like this you're ready go play with the big VCs on Twitter 😁


"Human consciousness is the universe creating itself." Lovely thought, Bijan. Reminds me of an Alan Watts lecture where he brilliantly shows how we came out of this world and not into it, more like fruit on a tree.


Love your idea on the $trillion lawsuit against FAANG.

Investment Advisor

Was a pleasure hearing you on the Weinstein voice chat last night! Didn't see a good opportunity to jump in but you spoke well.


Palm tree show-off.

Weinsteinian Facilitator

Really appreciate your work heading up this project, keeping it going, getting a bunch of people coordinated and putting their progress out here for the rest of us to see.

Pattern Seeker

I'm having a hard time forming an opinion about you.. I can't tell whether you're brilliant or down a dark web rabbit hole.


Too good to be true– Are you sure you aren't generated by a bot?

Some Guy
Sage of Modern Man

In a different world I would have gay butt sex with you. O' Great White-Passing Metrosexual Pimp. You are so chill. You have a voice that needs to be heard. You have an equal facility for observation and participation. You would not like LA very much if you were not attractive and intelligent and if you were not as gifted as you are.

Future Billionaire

You're a bit feminine and lots of women are attracted to that. I forgot how genius you are. You are the most privileged yet plagued person I know. Telling my mom how smart you are. I love how excited you are to tell these guys off. You are so efficient. Thank God you and Elon are not normal. You are unbelievably fortunate! And the best part is you're using your gifts.

The Rabbi

I'm +1 everything Bijan is saying. Good thing you are a ginger– Did you know that being ginger was considered a sign of being Jewish in the Middle Ages? Well, you are a hybrid yourself. My calendar isn't exactly booked. I'm not you. Your altruism is admirable, but "chayecha kodem." Start believing in Moshiach, my friend. I was about to talk about your ego LOL.

Shannu Rao

A Grand Privilege

Investment Advisor

I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation last night. We share similar goals, you're a smart dude and we covered awesome topics. I feel like you know corporate finance stuff decently.

Jordan Hall
Game~B Anti-Leader

In extraordinary time, the Myths leap off the page. The ideas become embodied. Because in extraordinary time, the "ordinary actions" no longer work. So you have to try something new. So you start to go into the depths and to go to the edges. And to experiment and play And in this space the notion of "emerges" and "intention" collapse. In extrarodinary time you rediscover that there isn't really a difference. And a new paradigm (or big chunks of it) "all at once" become Real.

Carmel Bina
Adorable Mother

Sending you love and support today and always. You're going to dazzle them with your brilliance. Love you very much. You were absolutely wonderful to watch yesterday!


You have the most compellingly written profile I've seen on Bumble! I hope you have room in your stable for another 😁

Preeminent Star Gazer

Friendly reminder you are beautiful to me (inside and out). Friendly reminder that you are gold.


I'm shy but i think it is brilliant and you guys are intelligent and well spoken enough to create a podcast out of these conversations if that's a route you want to take.


Sign me up

Best Employer of all Time

Bij!!! They're big reference checkers and I'll give him a dazzling one. Would love to hear your startup story! It's a crazy game. Play and lose / play and win / all the same - it's literally impossible to control for outcomes. Just stay on the field.


I see all the links you’re posting about economics. Thanks for doing so.


For whatever reason you are saying things I agree with 100% today.


You had me at Carl Jung


I think you need to listen to Bijan about this not being about election and that there is no stock market.

S4 Member

You guys are my only real friends.


I'm still very impressed with how observant you are that you caught that.