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Our rapidly-growing community of "palacians" or "sages" is changing the way we generate ideas, nurture relationships, & build businesses. We sell ourselves, because we are the only thing worth selling.


Learning starts with hearing.


Slow, deep, and convinced.


Generate & spread privileged, tribal knowledge.


Transparency is trust. Privacy is fake. Information is free.

An assortment of things I've done.

I've backed up every single email, text, IM, post, picture, bio, resumé, homework, and project since 2003 😅

And what about the truth. is ‌LIVE on YouTube

I'm an investor.

10,000% ROI, twice
Real Estate
‌200% down payment in 2 years
Angel/Seed Investing
12 startups funded by Battle Tested Ventures
Stock Options
Way OTM calls. Volatile, long expiry, viable businesses

I write a newsletter.

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You can shop quality local wares from my 50,000 hours of research.

Bijan creates and curates solutions to problems with integrity and authenticity (and these are some problems we solve)

I was Director of Product

Tradesy is the luxury fashion resale marketplace empowering women to get the designer fashion they crave — on their own terms. Millions of customers can sell what's in their closets to fund their next shopping spree. All while saving up to 90% off retail.

‌From 2015-2018 I was responsible for demand growth, customer acquisition, & logistics for the marketplace.

$320MM Annual Sales Volume

Millions of shoppers, $1 billion in lifetime sales–marketplace volume, at scale.

1MM Product Listings

Over a million active listings from 100,000 independent sellers.

$350 Average Order Value

Designer fashion including Rolex, YSL, and Louis Vuitton.

2 Incredible Employers

Tracy DiNunzio and Sash Catanzarite were the best bosses ever, with a truly transcendent team.

300 Probing Questions Asked

Everyone loves solving problems. The challenge is asking novel questions.

5,000 Problems Solved

Do whatever it takes to bring the team & customers to success.

And have worked on a panoply of projects.

Everyone here is an entrepreneur.

We thrive on big ideas and smart solutions. We challenge and celebrate each other.

Disproportionate Impact

Net burn rate reduced 80% ($1MM per month down to $200K), 200+ A/B tests, +50% SEO acquisition,

Skillful Execution

Mentorship, OKRs, business cases, ROI models, executive dashboards, A/B testing, agile development.

Buzzwords Abound

AI anti-fraud, automated product curation, machine-learned search & recommendations.

Tradesy for Business

30% Marketplace Revenue Increase, 1MM products synced from eBay Sellers.

User Experience & Study

Over 100 best-practices and customer-driven UX optimizations on a total checkout re-design.

As an Ops Manager.Inneractive.com

Global reach, thousands of biofeedback systems, high margins, nimbly operated.

  • Re-branded $1MM high-touch international product portfolio
  • Optimized, automated, and out-sourced supply chains & customer support
  • Developed new product line– mobile kiosk Aura-reader
  • Market launch– Moodz Corporate Events

A Founder. Pitpons– The Underarm Shield.

Keep Your Sweat to Yourself.

  • Pitpons protect you from embarrassing sweat stains
  • These absorbent underarm pads last all day and are perfect for men and women
  • Innovative brand, $4,000 raised, 100 subscription customers, 50,000 Pitpons manufactured.

CES Presenter & Podcaster.

Hosted a "What's my Crypto IQ" contest in front of a fun and excited crowd at CES. Followed this up with live interviews of 12 founders and investors in the blockchain space for my Dose of Ether podcast.

  • Top 10% Podcaster
  • Blockchain founder, investor, & network operator

Credentials are bullshit.

Merely signalling, nepotism, and asymmetric exploitation. 
‌I study philosophy, economics, and technology.

Tribal Knowledge is 1,000x Larger than Encyclopedic Knowledge

I learn, break-down, and re-build ideas to form my perspective. Then, I share it through conversations, writing, advising, & sharing.

$1,000,000,000,000 Lawsuit against FB, GOOG & AMZN.

A popular movement and $1 Trillion Class-Action Lawsuit against Facebook, Amazon, and Google is the only way to unlock the anti-rivalrous public commons they control.

Aggressive Altruism.

"Do something disobedient to protest the abject incompetence of our leadership that is beautiful & inspiring."

Reach out.

Get in touch, for any reason at all

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