And what about the truth.

Exponential Technologies are culture, machines, & information. The unconscious is the canvas for mimetic evolution & human destiny

And what about the truth.
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Can the generation of multi-tasking and computer-appendages create content, consume content, and do WORK simultaneously?
‌The future says, yes.

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And what about the truth.

<<< Sometimes, I do 12-hour livestreams. They are epic.

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I have a persona. You can too– I will teach you.

‌my persona is like a mix between elon musk, grimes, david choe, Mr. Trump, Hi$$ary, Kimye, and Jeff "to the moon" Bezos... oh... and Nakamoto"Nick Szabo" Satoshi... and QAnon (Cicada3301) :tv: (:for the 'gram:)

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‌...and Mr Beast 
‌...and Carl Jung